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I have always had a passion for organizing and creating peace and harmony in my surroundings. I love helping other people develop systems to stay organized and save time. There is nothing better than a well-organized room to help you feel less stress!

Over the years I have seen a growing need for this type of professional service - whether it is an older couple downsizing their home, a busy young family needing to calm the chaos or an overwhelmed family member who needs help relocating their loved one.

I can make downsizing your home or your loved one’s home a positive and less stressful experience. I will sort, pack, donate and sell items for you in a kind, thoughtful manner. We will work together to make the move a positive one. I will set up your new home with love and patience as we figure out what works best for you.

I look forward to helping you create a space that you love!
-Justine McVeigh
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Kayla D.



I used Justine for help with organizing my garage- which was in chaos. It went from disaster to delightful by the time we were done. We had two cars full of donations plus a truck to haul to the dump. I cannot recommend her enough for help with getting organized. She is judgement free and easy to work with. Don’t put off de cluttering- just get Justine to help.

Tammie J.



"I had years of family photos in various boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes. Justine organized it all! Now all my photos of my boys growing up are in order and in cute boxes that I can look through with that smile and ache we all get looking at our kids as babies and toddlers. Thank you Justine!! I literally could not have done this without you!"

Sharon McGuigan

Realtor Broker, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.


Justine recently helped me prepare and stage a large condo for sale. It was an estate sale, which can be overwhelming for family, but Justine jumped right in and had the condo organized and staged in no time at all. Her no-nonsense manner and good eye for design and detail are exactly what was needed. Justine is always professional and a total pleasure to work with. I would totally recommend Justine to anyone who needs help with downsizing, organizing, de- cluttering, and/or preparing a home for sale. Thank you Justine!

Sara B.



I have known Justine for many years and have worked with her on a number of different projects in that time, always with 110% satisfaction! As a mom of 4 kids and 2 dogs, wrapping my head around clutter has always been an intimidating and overwhelming task for me. Justine's system for organizing and de-cluttering my home has brought sanity to our lives! Justine has also created visually stunning Memory Books for myself and my 2 brothers as a gift when we turned 50. Justine's creativity, attention to detail and her ability to weave 50 years of photos into my own personal story is truly a masterpiece. I can't tell you how many times I pull out my beautifully crafted book just to relive the things that have brought me so much joy in my lifetime - family, friends, pets, accomplishments and many more memories. I would highly recommend Justine for any of your projects that have you feeling overwhelmed - you won't be disappointed!

Catherine W.



Thanks Justine for organizing my mom's photos it was such a big job. She is thrilled to have all her photos in one place and out of several boxes.

Rosemary C.



"Being responsible for the sale of a loved ones home can be very overwhelming. You have to sort through all their personal belongings and make decisions regarding each and every item. Justine was able to organize this laborious process. This included sorting like items together, offering donation solutions, organizing the sale of items and organizing treasured photos. Thank you so much Justine! You were an invaluable resource during a very difficult time in our lives. Your calm and organization made a very emotional process - doable.

Lynn C

Board Member


Faced with the daunting task of decluttering and reorganizing the storage areas and office admin areas of our golf club which held decades worth of furniture, decor and files, we hired Justine to work on site in the Fall of 2021. Justine was incredibly organized and thorough, had great ideas for storage/organization solutions and worked with a multitude of staff to ensure that tasks were done in a timely matter. Justine orchestrated a Max Sold Auction to dispose of unwanted furniture and decor items, liaising with the auction company, staging the items, taking photos, uploading all the information to the auction site and distributing items to purchasers. Justine is personable and dependable and we would definitely work with her again should the need arise.



"I hired Justine to help me with a cluttered and messy downstairs room that felt like an overwhelming task to tackle. I had an idea of what I wanted and Justine put it to action. With understanding and patience she helped me figure out what was really important to keep and helped me to get rid of those things that I 'thought' I needed to keep! In just over two hours the room was transformed. She is organized, has great ideas, and is a pleasure to work with. I didn't think twice about hiring Justine a month later to clean out another room. Next on the list is the daunting task of organizing my husband's office! I would HIGHLY recommend Justine. You won't be disappointed.

  • Toronto, Ontario M6S 4W4, Canada

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Downsizing your home when your children have left the nest or when you are thinking of retirement is a common choice for many. A smaller home has several benefits, including lower monthly costs, reduced or no property taxes at all, and a smaller carbon footprint overall. Living in a smaller home can also free up financial resources that can be used to fund other adventures, such as travel, hobbies, and leisure activities.

Here are some steps you can take to help make the transition to a smaller home smoother:
 1. Evaluate your belongings
Take stock of your possessions and determine what items you need and use, and what items can be sold, donated, or given away. This process can be liberating and help you feel less weighed down by "stuff".

2. Determine your needs
Consider your current and future lifestyle needs and what type of living space best suits them. This will help you determine the type of home will be the right fit for you.

3. Decide if you want to rent or buy
Both renting and buying have their advantages. Consult with a financial planner to see what makes the most sense for you .

4. Decide on a location 
Think about where you want to live and what community you want to be a part of. Do you want to be close to friends and family or would you rather be in a quiet, serene setting?

5. Plan your budget
Downsizing typically requires significant financial planning, so it's essential to determine how much you can afford to spend on your new home and all associated expenses.

6. Work with a real estate agent
Find an experienced real estate agent who can help you navigate the buying or selling process and who understands your situation and stage in life.

7. Create a moving plan
Once you've found your new home, plan how you will move your belongings and settle into your new space. Consider hiring a professional moving company or enlisting the help of friends and family.

Overall, downsizing can be a great way to simplify your life, reduce your expenses, and free up resources for travel and other adventures in retirement. With careful planning and preparation, the process can be relatively stress-free and leave you with a new and exciting chapter in your life.

I can help you make your transition into a smaller home as smooth as possible. I have years of experience in downsizing and can help you ensure that every last thing gets packed up and put in its place so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life.


The basement may be the area in your home that you avoid the most. Even the most organized among us can be guilty of thinking, "I'll just put that there for now," when unsure of what to do with a new or unfamiliar item; only to forget about it later. Before you know it, your basement has become a place of mystery. Fortunately, it's never too late to start organizing that neglected space! Keep reading to find out what items are safe to toss: five things you can pitch, no questions asked.

The basement may be the area in your home that you avoid the most. Even the most organized among us can be guilty of thinking, "I'll just put that there for now," when unsure of what to do with a new or unfamiliar item; only to forget about it later. Before you know it, your basement has become a place of mystery. Fortunately, it's never too late to start organizing that neglected space! Keep reading to find out what items are safe to toss: five things you can pitch, no questions asked. 


You know those old iPods or the original iPhone charger cables from 2007? Unfortunately, they're doing nothing but collecting dust on your shelf. Don't even try to sell them; it's been too long. Instead, you can recycle them with Toronto Waste, simply put them beside your garbage container for pick up on your next garbage day. You can also recycle them at  Computation Ltd., a Toronto store that provides environmentally sensitive computer and e-waste recycling along with secure electronic data destruction. Getting rid of old electronics is an easy first step to basement organization. 


Basements tend to be a repository for hazardous materials like empty or half-filled cans of house paint, insecticides, weed killer or dead batteries. Like old electronics, these are items that you do not need to store. But expired or not, they should be disposed of properly. You can't just toss them in the trash. Most cities offer a hazardous waste disposal option. In Toronto, you can call 311 and arrange for the Toxic Taxi to pick up old paint cans, with some restrictions on the amounts to be discarded.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you've noticed holes or tears in a piece of clothing, or another item in your basement, toss it. This includes tents, folding chairs, and patio cushions. (It's no fun camping in a tent with a broken zipper - trust me, I know!) Broken furniture and lamps are often not worth the time and cost to fix and take up precious space in your basement. If it's broken and damaged, toss it!

These appliances can really accumulate over time. Maybe it's a waffle iron or a bread machine you received as a wedding gift and never unboxed. Countertop appliances that never see the light of day also need to go. Trust me, you'll never miss them. Most local donation stores will accept working appliances, or you can offer them on the Facebook Group “Buy Nothing Canada” to be given away for free!


If you're using your treadmill as a drying rack, it's time to toss it along with any other exercise equipment you're not using. Outdated skis, old running shoes, broken tennis racquets, or hockey sticks need to go!! You can sell valuable equipment at Play It Again Sports (, Facebook Market Place, or Kijiji if you think the skates are worth something. The good news is that dragging things up out of the basement counts as exercise!  

Removing these five types of things will get you started and free up plenty of space in your basement. I've helped turn basements into dream spaces for craft rooms, playrooms, offices, and so much more!! So, the bottom line is: if you haven't used it in years and don't need it anymore, it's time to toss or donate. Then you can sit back and imagine what to do with all that new space! 

Tips and Organizing Ideas
Helping Parents Downsize 5 Things to Consider 

Downsizing is a significant project that will take many hours and involve many decisions.  Here are five ideas to help you get started.

   1. 🔜 Prepare in Advance It’s never too early to start planning!  If time permits, start with a few hours a week and do one bookcase or some small corner of a room at a time. Taking on a large garage or the entire basement can be overwhelming.  Begin with a small area to see what can be eliminated and start removing these items.  If you or your parents or organized, this can happen months or even years before a moving.  

2. 🎁Gifting Possessions If your parents start gifting you their possessions, accept their gifts graciously. They may give you things they think you might like or that you can use. You may not want these gifts but consider how you might pass them on to people who do.  There are many options including passing on unwanted items to a friend, a shelter or even Freecycle Facebook group.  Your parents will be happy knowing they are contributing to someone else’s enjoyment.   

3. 💵Selling Valuables 💰 Selling valuable items is very time-consuming. If something is worth the time and effort to sell, I strongly recommend you or another family member take on this job. Telling your parents, “Just post it on Kijiji or Marketplace,” can be daunting for them: downloading the app, taking the photos, recording the measurements, uploading the information, and managing all the questions and emails back and forth can be overwhelming. I have a hard time with it, and I know what I’m doing! Please take a few items at a time and post them for your parents. They will be happy with the extra money, and you will have gotten things out of their house.  

4. 🏡New Home Measurements🏘 Be realistic about what possessions will fit into their new home. Are they moving from a big four-bedroom house into a one-bedroom condo? Try and get measurements or floor plans for their new space to see what furniture will fit. Perhaps the queen bed is too big, or the china cabinet won’t fit along the dining room wall. It’s always better to find out before they move into their new home! Scaling down the size of the furniture is often part of the downsizing process.  

5. Storage & Closet Space 📦 Consider the amount of closet and storage space in their new home. Will they really need all their coats and boots? Storing out-of-season clothes is difficult when you only have one closet for two people. Will they have enough storage for all the Christmas decorations or surface area to display their tiny village? It may be time to pare down what will fit into their available storage space.  

Start small, take the time to look at photos and mementos that bring back fun memories. If you need help with any stage of the process, please reach out and give me a call. I can make this process much easier for everyone! 


Toronto, ON, Canada